August 1999 visit of both internationally sanctioned associations, under Sensei Anthony Mirakian Hanshi 9th degree, the Canada and the Netherlands Meibukan to the Hombu Dojo of the All American Meibukan Karate Association in Watertown, USA.

by: Julee Moroz

August 6th saw Sensei Chan, Mathieu Ravignat, John Notley, Dino Ovcaric, Julee Moroz and Rose Ouellette travel the eight-plus hours to Watertown, Massachussetts. The group arrived in time for the Friday evening class -- at which time Sensei Chan was graded and promoted under the All-American Meibukan Karate Association. Congratulations, Sensei!

After a moderate work-out on Friday night, which included mainly kata with individual performances by each student present, Sensei managed to stay alert for his midnight grading. The following day included demonstrations of Imanu Ryu kobudo by the Ryukyu Bujutsu Kenkyu Doyukai U.S.A., and a powerful Naihanchi Kata by Sensei Anthony Mirakian. Finally Sempei Paul Zazoa led the class through its paces, and fine-tuned our kata up to Shishochin. The atmosphere was inspiring for instructors and students alike, what with twenty three to twenty five black belts from the Netherlands, the U.S., and Canada.

Sensei Mirakian spent a lot of time in conversation with our group, and did not cease to amaze us with his broad knowledge of what seems to be just about any topic. Saturday evening, he and his gracious family hosted a dinner at the famous Szechuan Buffet in the area for all three schools. His attention and hospitality towards us was yet again extremely generous and enriching. It wrapped up another great weekend of forming new friendships with fellow students.

If you are presented with the opportunity to advance your martial training at Sensei Mirakian's Watertown Hombu Dojo, I would certainly urge you to jump at the chance to do so. The eight-plus hours is, relatively speaking, a very little distance to travel for high quality instruction and martial arts contacts such as this. I would recommend it to everybody. Happy training!

The Dutch Visit Ottawa

After almost a full two weeks of intense training at the Watertown Dojo it was time for Sensei Lex Opdam and his students to come up to Canada to visit sensei Hing-Poon Chan and their Canadian brothers and sisters in Ottawa. Mathieu Ravignat remained with them in Watertown and during their trip up to the North Country, he reportedly had, well lets say an interesting and thoroughly enjoyable time. Did he pick up Dutch? That is a secret only the Dutch can tell. After a brief visit to Niagara Falls the group of five moved on to Kingston, where they had the opportunity to meet Sifu Eric Tuttle of the Twin Mountain Kung-Fu Association and his students and experience some of the secrets of the Six Harmonies Ten Animals Hsing-I system, very early in the morning. After an all to brief stay in Kingston the group moved onto the thousand Islands and then up to Ottawa. On Friday in Ottawa the group attended a Northern Shaolin Class at the Stone Lion Kung Fu Club t the University of Ottawa and then it was time for some relaxing site seeing. First stop, Sensei Chan took us all out to Ben Ben's, mmmmmm! On the Saturday we all went to Gatineau Parc for an enjoyable hike at Pinks Lake. On Sunday it was back to training, two seminars were set up for them by Sensei Chan. The first was a Shaolin Chin-Na seminar with Master Kiem Hou Lee. Many locks were performed and taught by Sifu Lee, and the proper time was taken to learn them. Thanks goes out to Sifu Lee's very generous sharing of broad knowledge with us and our visitors. The second seminar organized by the GTKA was with Sifu Eric Tuttle who came up from Kingston for the occasion. It's approach was more conceptual and theoretical, then the first in Kingston and again he amazed us with his profound understanding of the Chinese martial arts, especially that of Hsing-I. Thanks goes out to him for his generosity. On the Sunday night a party was graciously organized for all interested by Dino Ovcaric and Julee Moroz at their lovely home in Hunt Club. Monday it was time for Goju Ryu training at the GTKA and demonstrations of Meibuken Kata Bunkai. Tuesday the group headed to Lac Phillipe where the Dutch, learned, if we can call it that, how to paddle a twelve man canoe. Afterwards, showing the bravery of true Karateka, a mixed group of crazy Canucks and Dutch braved the Lusk's caves in complete darkness. Oh! okay it was not complete darkness, we did have Steph's indiglo watch. Wednesday the Dutch departed back to Watertown for some final pointers in their Goju-Ryu Karate and Imanu Ryu Kobudo. The whole trip proved admirably that Karate brings people together. Domo to every one who help make their stay a success.


Editorial: By Poon Chan

1999 has been a fun year for the GTKA. In June, we had Yves and Matt gone over to the Netherlands for a visit. In August, the three schools: GTKA and our karate brothers and sisters from Watertown and the Netherlands - had all got together in Watertown for an intensive (as usual) weekend training under Mirakian Sensei. We have established great friendships amongst us. Next month (October) I will be going to Comox, B.C. to conduct seminars at the Comox Traditional Karate Association (with Patrick Penly) and to hold grading for Patrick and his eldest son Darren.

Also Alex Siedule will try to make it there as well. It will be nice to see him again.