Canadian Headquarters: Gloucester Traditional Karate Association

On December 11th 1999, GTKA's Mathieu Ravignat and myself attended the push hand seminar taught by Chan Style Taichi 19th generation master Peter Wu. Master Wu flew to Canada  from Australia to conduct push hand seminars. The Ottawa Chan Style Taichi School sponsored the seminar.  We only went for the Saturday class and missed the Sunday one because we have our regular kungfu training on Sunday.  It was a long and fruitful day as Master Wu worked us for almost 8 hours Saturday on varies push hand exercises and everyone of us had learnt a lot that day.

Poon Chan, January 14, 1999

           Front row left to right: Matt Ravignat, Andy Pow, Kee Hong, Master Wu, James Tam
           Back row third from left: Poon Chan

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