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Escrima and Whitecrane Seminar, June 9th 2002

The Gloucester Traditional Karate Association would like to thank everyone who participated in the June 9th seminar on Escrima and White Crane. More than fifty students from five different clubs attended this training session.

In the morning, Grandmaster Bob Kho of the Dak Quan Kungfu club (of Calgary, Alberta) indtroduced the group to some basic White Crane techniques including two man drills and stance training. In the afternoon, Grandmaster Nanoy Gallano from Toronto focused on escrima techniques including self defense agaisnt knife.

The day ended with a master demonstration. Grandmaster Kho performed a White crane sword and a White Crane Form. Grandmaster Gallano's students, Rod and John, performed various two man escrima drills, Poon Chan demonstrated a Baji form, Sifu Eric Tuttle performed the Eagle form of Lui hop xingyi and answered questions on internal kung fu, sifu Kee Hong demonstrated the a Chen style Taichi form. The master's demonstration concluded with sifu Kim Lee who demonstrated some applications of hard chi kung including full power kicks to various parts of the body (including back, chest and groin).

Our sincere thanks to Grandmaster Kho and Gallano for sharing their expertise. The organizers would also like to thank the teachers and students that made the drive from Kingston to participate in this event.

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