Canadian Headquarters: Gloucester Traditional Karate Association

Here is some history behind how I became Mirakian Sensei's representative in Canada. Very few people have known the details of how this happened until now. ©Poon Chan, April 2001

It was on the Remembrance Days weekend 1995, Eric Tuttle Sifu, Yves Paquette and I traveled to Watertown, Mass. from Ottawa to meet and train with Mirakian Sensei. Eric had been a friend of Mirakain Sensei for a long time. They met each other at a Wingchun seminar in Boston many years ago and become good friends.

When I first met Eric in 1990 at the Jesse Glover (Bruce Lee's first student) seminar in Kingston, he showed me a picture of him and Mirakian Sensei and since then I had been pestering Eric to introduce me to Sensei.

Before that weekend, I had communicated with Sensei on the telephone for a few times and had asked his permission to come to his dojo. When we arrived, Sensei was talking to some people outside his dojo. He invited us in and immediately started drilling Yves and I. It was around 3:30pm. After 4pm, his advance students started to come in and the real training started. The class ended at 8:00pm. It was a short class, I was told, because (without my prior knowledge) it was Sensei's birthday and Mrs. Mirakain had prepared a big dinner party for the students. Lucky for us, he had to cut short the class and invited us to his house. After all these years, I still remember the Arminian pizza (amongst other goodies) Mrs. Mirakian had made for us, yummm.

After that weekend we went down to Watertown on a regular basis. A year and a half after that, Sensei suddenly told me over the phone that he wanted me to be his representative in Canada so that traditional Meibukan Gojuryu karate-do, as he learned it from Dai Sensei Metoku Yagi, could be properly maintained and propagated here in Canada. It was a great honor for me and I was left speechless. On September 1997, Sensei flew into Ottawa and oversaw my classes for a week. He officially presented me with the certificate as his representative during that week.

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